I Hate My Inlaws!

Twisted Story Teller

Posted on Wed, Dec. 28, 2011 at 12:04 pm

MIL, your twisted stories of me and my motives for everything I do are making me tired. Recently you went ballistic because DH and I drove a wheelchair-bound friend to visit her son who was in a COMA because you "thought" it took time away from our visit with YOU in the hospital. Wrong!!! We drove her on the WAY to visit you, dork, and our friend didn't need a ride back! We just dropped her off. Not a minute was lost from YOUR visit. And even it did, please, have you no compassion???? Now here's the latest gossip you are spreading: The paltry check you give DH for his birthday (one month after his birthday), and with no phone call ON his birthday, is being "coveted" by me to buy an Iphone. Hahahahaha. The check you gave him wouldn't even cover the price of the case for an Iphone and how you came to that conclusion is beyond my comprehension! We don't need any help from you or anyone to make purchases that we want or need, and BTW we NEVER EVER argue about how money is spent in our family. If we want it, we buy it if we can afford it and I don't need to weasel $ out of DH'S birthday money like you claim to buy what I need. So do me a favor - quit spreading those lies about me to OUR SON. He knows your nuts, but he is also very tired of your using him as a sounding board to vent your hatred for me, his own mother, the minute you get alone with him. He hates visiting you because of that. So Instead of telling your grandson about me, tell your OBNOXIOUS RUDE other son (who is exact opposite of my DH--I got the good son)who, according to you, treats you like a queen! Together you both can sit by a fire and make up your evil stories, drooling profusely, and your blank beady evil eyes will rurn red, become cross eyed as the hate you feel will be complete as you rub your hands together for the next twisted lie. But please do me a favor, leave OUR SON (unfortunately he's also your grandson) out of it because you will never convince him to hate me no matter how hard you try!

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