I Hate My Inlaws!

Good To Bad In The Flick Of A Finger

Posted on Mon, Jan. 09, 2012 at 08:48 pm

When i met hubby everything was perfect. we had this stupid spew worthy perfect relationship, not just with eachother, but with his family as well. He is the eldest of three brothers. his father is one for "tough love" being normally distant and quiet but has an incredible amount of love and care for his sons. Their mother, complete opposite is an emotionally attaching basket case that tells everyone she loves them the moment they walk through the door.
The minute the (now) in laws met me they loved me. Mum in law would brag about me to everyone on how much she adored me and that shes so happy her eldest had found such a beautiful princess. Father in law didnt say much but im the only one he hugs goodbye (including his wife). Anyway after 9 months of singing my praises to every tom dick and harry that walked passed, we finally got engaged. Hubby went to ask my parents permission, they were reluctant but knew i would do it anyway (im not close at all with my parents). They werent too fond of hubby, but now love him if not more then they ever loved me (not exaggerating).
Mother and father in law couldnt be happier at the engagement, it was a long engagement as not long after i fell pregnant with my son and didnt want anything close to anything anyone could label a "shot gun wedding". We loved eachother and our kids were still our kids, wedlock or no wedlock. Arrival of our son and we're one big happy family. We get married and they both in laws cry and make heart touching speeches towards me at the wedding. Even brother number 2 and brother number 3 make their own little speeches about finally welcoming a sister.
The first new years (just passed) with our son we decide to spend a few days prior and nye at the in laws with the family to celebrate the small party they were throwing as it was easier with our son being only 7 months old.
The day before nye me and new hubby get into a HUGE fight over him lying to my face over and over again about something so stupid. Our words escalate and it becomes a huge blowout in the middle of the night. As i try to walk out the front door he reaches out and smacks me around the side of the head, "an accident!" he says. Both in laws witness ugly sides from both of us. I want to leave with my son but no one will let me. Mother in law pretty much locks me in the house and begs me to stay and sort it out. Meanwhile me and hubby are still at eachothers throats with broken hearts. We sleep in seperate rooms for the night and me and hubby end up on relatively nice talking terms but still with a lot to sort out. Hubby, I and our son all go home walking on egg shells but with no other option but to play happy family in the meantime untill we can figure something else out. Father and brother in laws are quiet and stay out of it as they are boys or few words. Mother in law calls on a daily basis to check how we're going. A week later and brother numbers 2's girlfriend is over and informs me that they were bitching days after the fight saying that i am a spoiled selfish little bitch becuase i was raised as an only child, and that one person said they always hated me from the beginning - though she said she couldnt comfortably tell me who said exactly what. Apparently mother in law was also on the phone to everyone in the following week telling everyone about the huge fight like it was all hers and their business. It hurts me more that they all act sunshine and rainbows to my face and then i hear this is being said all behind my back. I'd rather cop mean and nasty spiteful comments to my face then believe i had a second family when their so willing to turn on me after one fight and when i truly belive i WAS NOT the one in the wrong! EFF you all you two faced scheming bitches of in laws. I hope you all rot and get a good look at the deepest joy in my eyes when i drop you all off in ur old folks home!

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