I Hate My Inlaws!

5 days before my wedding

Posted on Tue, Jun. 05, 2012 at 07:27 am

3 months before my wedding my bridemaids and half of the groomsmen had been planning to get us a limo as our gift. One of my bridesmaids was my to-be sister in law and she was supposed to tell her husband (my husbands brother) the best man and he was supposed to inform the rest of the groomsmen that didnt know yet. It was supposed to be a surprise for us and we found out about it so it became the topic of conversation, cause I get so excited to be able to drive around in the limo and have fun with just our friends and not infront of our families. Well my soon to be sister in law said she was bringing her 11 month old baby in the limo. I said thats not happening its not appropriate for a baby to be in a limo full of screaming drinking people and that opened a whole can of worms that my husbands dad claimed my maid of honor never told anyone and she was lying and just sprung this on them, Meanwhile i know the whole story and know thats not true so my father in law and i start arguing, I tried to leave the house and he chased me and started screaming at me telling me im disruspectful to him and his family because i said my maid of honor was not lying and i have 5 people to back me up but he was not having any of it. I dont know what to do this is 5 days before i get married and I have always had problems with him he has called me very rude things since we go together and I have kept my mouth shut for 3 years I just dont think I can anymore and I dont know what to do. I am full of anger and hate to this man who is my husbands father and everyone defends him saying thats just how is, well I think he needs to learn his lesson and I am not going to talk to him for a long time.

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