I Hate My Inlaws!

Out with the old and in with the new

Posted on Mon, Dec. 31, 2012 at 12:42 am

Dear Mil, for the last nine years I desperately wanted to believe that you thought of me as family. I have finally beat that stupid nativity out of myself and seen the truth for what it is. I am just an outsider. The following have highlighted this fact to me:
1. You did not fly in a day earlier ( to your originally planned visit) to attend my father's funeral. He has been I'll for the last ten years!
And during your visit you and the complete a$$h@le FIL expected me to cook dinner ( that is acceptable) for 5 nights despite just having cremated my father! As far as you were concerned it was your holiday and my father's passing was not going to spoil that.
Insensitive f' wits!

2. Whenever we visit there dragging our 3 year old and baby along... I have to put up with insensitive comments from FIL and your loser daughter Sil. On top of this I am made to feel uncomfortable in the house and get told off for by FIL for not sterilising the baby's bottles earlier in the day before he needed to use the kitchen! You never correct this negative behaviour which makes you an enabler as far as I am concerned!

3. You are f'ing compulsive obsessive which I am not surprised as you have to live with FIL who has clearly sent you batty with time! Well you can't control me! Trying to get me to plan every moment of any visit! F off! I am not taking your pressure anymore.

My dh will not see this and says I am inventing things in my head. so I am going to be smart from now on. I will be civil and polite but am going to completely withdraw from initiating and planning events for you to ease your anxiety! Deal with dh! Who is likely to drive you insane with his procrastination. Better yet maybe you will have a falling out and I won't have to deal with u s'heads!!!

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