I Hate My Inlaws!

Next time you stab me in the back.....

Posted on Wed, Mar. 06, 2013 at 08:33 pm

Kiss my ass while you're at it!
I have reached the end of my rapidly fraying rope and decided I no longer want to blister my hands hanging on for the sake of my kids. You can officially piss off.
First of all, I start a fundraiser for a local child's sports team. I share it with SIL and ask if she will pass along. Twenty four hours later, she has created her own fundraiser using the same platform and raises over $8000 for her charity. I've always wondered how she could afford to be a single mom and live in such a nice area. Interesting.
Next I am scheduled for surgery at a later date and MIL can't seem to fly out to help although she will frequently go at the drop of the hat to GSIL and her son. Maybe its that nice expensive view...who knows? She repeatedly goes to GSIL's house to watch GGS but forces herself to come out here once in a great while and only after we have called several times.
Meanwhile other SIL has a new baby. MIL goes to see new baby and she should...but wait....FIL can't pry his fat, lazy ass off the computer and go see his new GD. Nope, he stayed home. Can you believe this chit?!
MIL also convinced her dear mother, who really is the only saving grace in that family and the only person I can love, to keep taking her meds in hospice so she can go on her trip but once MIL is back, grandma can stop taking her meds.

What kind of dysfunctional bullchit is this?

I will swear to you one thing right now. If and when you enter a nursing home, my only gift to you will be a slow drive by with the door open as I drop you off. I will not take care of you. You can rot for all I care. Get your golden daughter to do it. Although I guarantee she won't waste one precious moment of her time to help you. You should know that when you had surgery and she didn't bother to come out but my husband did. Yeah, the one you always ignore. Yep, he was there even though you can never seem to make time for him lest it get in the way of GSILs time.
My parents have always been there for my children and my husband. They have never played favorites. My father has cancer and yet my mom will still find a way to care for my dad, my aging grandmother, and myself while I have that surgery. You just go on out to GSILs yet again and don't worry...I will never ask you for anything ever again.

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