I Hate My Inlaws!


Posted on Wed, Mar. 06, 2013 at 09:27 pm

Three times MIL spit at my mom because my mother told her to take a shower. Three times she spat in my moms face and not once did any of the SILs, BILs, or their kids call with any concern. MIL have early stage of dementia.
I have plead and beg for one of the SIL to take their mother. I have cried no help. Finally after almost a year MIL attacked my mother who had to defended herself and now all the Inlaws are so concern. All of a sudden the environment is not safe.

My mother and I should not have to take care of a woman who have two grown daughters. One who lives in MIL's house and the other who gets MIL's SSI, CCSP and foodstamp but use it for her bills instead.

NIL call me one more time and question anything that is going on in my house. First to comment if you are so concern why is MIL not living with you. I do remember you are the main one screaming that your mom cannot be responsible for MIL.

Why should I be responsible? Oh I forget I am a SAHM who does nothing all day. The sad part is that none of you could ever do what I do. So please don't patronize me with the bull. To do what I do means that you will have to stop being selfish and I know none of you bitches know how to be considerate.

Guess what I'm cutting you all off once and for all. I will hear from DH when you guys start fighting amongs yourselves. I am the reason behind the family union. Everytime I step away you guys attack each other.

Never again will MIL be welcome in this here house so please don't even bother to ask.

Mrs. SIL

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