I Hate My Inlaws!

MIL Bday is soon...& so what??!!!

Posted on Thu, Mar. 07, 2013 at 08:12 pm

Wtf??, I'm thinking back to the days when I actually gave a sh*t about her bday, I treated her with the highest respect the way I was raised to treat my elders you know similar to how I'd given to my 1st BF's mom gifts when we were in HS, etc. I'd buy flowers,cards,a pretty dress or whatever BF& I agreed upon-no problem because I respect Bf's MOM. But, oh-noooo,now I've had to learn the hard way that not all BF's mothers are cut from the same cloth, oh silly naive lil me for I was only a lil teenager then. I had to learn that this nice thoughtful handsome guy I was dating had a jealous, evil, self serving, point the finger at me, talking behind my back type of MOTHER from HELL, WTF?(can I say NIGHTMARE??)-just my luck-life just can't be fair I guess??!! You were ease dropping on our phone calls, then had the nerve to tell me one day after I helped her clean the kitchen, that she really loves her son and doesn't want to see him get HURT, I'm like wtf, where is all this coming from?? She must have ease dropped on one of our argumentative phone calls or something, omg, as if all her sons relationships must be PERFECT??, who gives a sh*t about what you desire nosey bi@tch you should have stayed in your LANE MIL. Always meddling in all of your sons relationships which is why I don't have much to say to you anymore. You accused me of so many things as if I was hindering your son when in fact you were the one who screwed up his credit because you force him to put your failed business in his name, oh but you said I'm the hinderance, bi@tch please-go slap yourself! Anyway, as I've learned over19yrs now, Karma is a Bitch!! Now, my husband sees clearly who is and has always been on HIS side ME,-not your selfish complaining @$$!

Oh so now when ,MIL bday rolls around well that is exactly what it does it just "ROLLS AROUND" hahaha:):) because this MIL here gets N.O.T.H.I.N.G from ME, awww poor MIL, you shouldn't have acted like the "BIG BAD WOLF"(trying to scare me away early on in DH young impressionable dating years), we didn't know if we were going to be together/marry at 19yrs of age??, yeah thanks for pressuring us to marry every time I came to visit because it did nothing but run me away from your overbearing ass. You my dear MIL tried HARD to break us up!!?? Thanks for meddling,threatening& pressuring me you stupid Bi@tch, who did you think your were the relationship POLICE or something??

Anyway,now in my late 30's, I don't go anywhere near your MISERABLE @$$ and now I always smile&laugh on the inside on MIL Bday("as I acknowledge the no more gifts 4u Evil Bi@tch rules I established") as I watch my poor hubby scouring around trying to contact or reach out to siblings to meet up to her expectations on her so called special day or whatever *shrugs&rollsmyeyes* well,it's been so overlooked by ME that I really no longer keep track, MIL concerns never make it on my to do list! LOL, Besides she's not really my MOM anyway, she's my poor DH MOM considering she never congratulated us on our Marriage or wished us well.

MIL continue to count the YEARS to come full of NOTHING NO GIFTS from your beautiful,well-mannered, darling DIL *smiles*...

I've learned that you cannot buy things for a guys MOM trying to be NICE until you really GET TO KNOW HER TRUE COLORS!! You could regret it like I do!!

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