I Hate My Inlaws!

My life.......For now:(

Posted on Thu, Mar. 07, 2013 at 11:25 pm

I really don't even know where to start......I have written a story of mine on here before but now there are just no words.Well maybe a few....1.You both smell...(MIL&FIL)2.You are the two worst drunks I have ever seen 3.I hate that you curse and yell at each other in front of my kids but when BIL kid comes over you put your sailor mouth on mute 4.I feed everything you cook to our dog 5.You talk shit behind our backs but..we can hear you.... so next time you say"Fu@k em"make sure my DH isn't in the hall bathroom 6.I don't think you even own a toothbrush to brush your one witch tooth with 7.I swear I will kick your demon dog across the room if it ever "snaps" at my child again 8.MIL I think it's so funny that your so stressed but do not have to work or do anything in this house but watch soaps and get drunk 9.Oh by the way when you drink all night...your not "coming down with a cold "the next day....YOU HAVE A FU@CKING HANGOVER!!DUMBA$$!! 10.I laugh and do a little dance when FIL gets so drunk,he pees in the bed and you have to wash the sheets 11. I can't wait for the day when we move and leave you with ALL the bills high and dry.....12.You can take your pool and stick it....Well you know;)13.I can't stand the double standard with the grandkids...Now that's just low even for you 14.MIL,DH is not your personal Mr.Fix it,you have your own husband for that...Oh wait...He's as dumb as a sack of rocks. 15.FIL please stop pi$$ing on the toilet seat. 16.If either of you think your gonna come stay with us when your old......LMMFAO...That's never gonna happen...EVER. 17.MIL,I was standing in the kitchen when you were talking shit about us to the dog. 18.Did I mention we feed your food to the dogs...oh I did? Well it's worth another mention.19. FIL,Your super FAT,MEAN,UGLY,SMELLY,DRUNK,EVIL SPAWN OF SATAN,SMELLY,SMELLY,SMELLY AND SMELLY!!!And finally number 20.I will never speak to either of you again once we move.....If you ever show up at my house.. my children and I will hide,lock the door and giggle when you shout"I know your in there".....I may even pee a little knowing that I'm in my own house with a dead bolt and an electrified fence...MIL I hope you grab it with both hands!!!

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