I Hate My Inlaws!

Crazy MIL

Posted on Tue, Aug. 06, 2013 at 09:45 am

When I was 6 months pregnant, my MIL sent me a series of emails telling me that she will be at the hospital whether I want her or not because "that's the way we do things in my family." She then went on to say how she hated it when her family did it to her but she was determined to do it to me. Apparently, me giving birth to my first child was alllll about her. I had to register as a private patient.

The day we baptized the baby, she began talking behind my back about how she was going to do what she wanted with my child no matter what I said. I caught her trying to sneak upstairs, into our private quarters, with my 6 week old baby. She also woke the baby up so she could comfort her while she cried.

Three days later, she began calling me repeatedly at 11pm through 1am to tell me that she has a place in my marriage because I married her son and had her grandchild, and if I won't discuss my marriage with her then she'll call my parents and try to get them involved in my marriage. After I refused to discuss it with her and hung up, she left a message screaming that I'm an unfit mother for her grandchild and she'll go to court and get custody of my baby. So, that right there was the moment when she shot herself in the foot and got her cut out of my and my child's life. She tried to call other people in my husband's family to get them to pester and bully me about my marriage. They told her to mind her own business and that they wouldn't get involved. smart people. BTW, my husband calls her and complains to her about our marital problems. Yes, my husband is an idiot. Oh, he's almost 40 years old and she still buys him his underwear. yuck.

So, MIL proceeds to look through my medications, write down my doctors, look them up on the internet, and starts to call them repeatedly, trying to get personal info about me. Thank God for HIPAA laws.

For my husband's sake and at his request, I tried to reconcile with her. I told her that we would like her to be a part of our child's life but we need assurance that certain past behaviors and trangressions would never be repeated because we were not going to raise our child to think that such behavior is acceptable. She flat out denied that she has ever done any of the horrid things she did and then told me that I'm vicious, she's a victim of my cruel delusions and I should seek mental help. (BTW, I haven't even scraped the surface here listing all the nasty things she's done just in the year that I was on speaking terms with her.) She's not just manipulative, but she's crazy too. I repeatedly asked her to promise me that her behavior would never be repeated. She just couldn't bring herself to do it. She couldn't even bring herself to admit that her out-of-line behavior was wrong. I then told her to have a nice life and that my child and I would be moving on without her. To that she started threatening me yet again, saying I'm forcing her to take legal action, and also said that she begged my husband not to marry me (because, yes, that is a great way to endear yourself to the mother of your grandchild). She even told me that she had spoken with a lawyer to see how far she could harrass me without getting in legal trouble. I actually spoke to my lawyer about her behavior and he highly suggested a TPO because what she was doing was not only harrassment but also stalking. So yes, my MIL stalked me.

I haven't heard from her since March and it's been the most peaceful, marvelous 5 months.

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