I Hate My Inlaws!

Social calandar and my pencil.

Posted on Thu, Nov. 20, 2014 at 08:49 am

When we saw the ils mil was usually rude. She makes rude comments when my husband leaves the room to me or on the phone when it's just to two of us and no one can hear her.

When I invited them over they would complain about the food I cooked, or make some snotty comment about the art on the walls. One time as they were leaving they made a comment about the moss growing between our front porch steps. Yes we had moss on our step between the stones. It was Feb. and it had been a cold, wet winter and it was still too early to power wash the house but they had to point it out and make a comment. All I could think was too bad they didn't trip over the step and have their teeth bite off their tongue.

I am pretty much the social secretary/organizer for our activities. The more the ils were rude the more I just penciled them out of the schedule for invites to the house. I did it slowly because an abrupt change would tip dh off to what I was doing. So slowly I stopped inviting them to our home for dinners, desserts, visits on the weekends, outing to see holiday lights, weekends trips etc.

Now we see them about three times a year. They live two hours away. Our calendar is full of activities and oh we are just too busy that day or sorry we have plans for Thanksgiving.

I don't use a pencil any longer. Our activities are now in ink. If the ils hadn't been so hateful and rude they would be part of our life and I would have loved to include them whenever possible. Dh didn't really notice. Now my life is filled with people who are happy and kind, loving and supportive. I don't expect much just don't be rude and hateful. A little kindness is not too much to ask.

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