I Hate My Inlaws!

There are no words for them

Posted on Wed, Feb. 24, 2016 at 08:22 am

We invited our daughters inlaws to our one story home.

Back story, my daughter and I worked for them. It ended badly but I forgave them for the sake of daughter and son in law. Daughter still feels hurt by the way they treated her.

Her fil asked me to repair his jacket. I did. Did he thank me or pay me. He did neither.

Fil of daughter uses a wheel chair. He is also a sexist jerk who uses people like chess pieces and discards them.

We rearranged furniture on our front porch, living room, kitchen, patio room, and the pool furniture. We went through a lot of trouble.

We walked around and considered every struggle he could encounter and fixed it.

We don't eat meat and they do. We bought meat and grilled it for them.

Now, son in law tells daughter that our house wasn't accessible. He was able to go to all the public rooms and even go around the pool without assistance.

They are unappreciative, rude, and entitled people. I hate them.

Her mil is a alcoholic. May she destroy her liver and keep working on the next and hopefully fatal heart attack.

They have hurt my daughter badly with their words and actions.

I give up on them as human beings. They are who they are

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