I Hate My Inlaws!

The Hate only gets worse..

Posted on Tue, Feb. 14, 2017 at 11:11 pm

I HATE MY INLAWS SO MUCH! But MIL is the very worst one. Nothing but a snotty, intrusive narcissist. I told the idiot she needed to call before coming to my house barging in on me naked or the kids napping. So what does the bitch do but get butt hurt. She doesnt have it in her to obey any rule I try to inforce so she just stays away. She has not been to see my kids since November, not asked about them, nothing. You know its one thing to treat me like shit... ignoring our wedding anniversary (while having blow outs for your daughters anniversary), never wishing me a Happy Birthday in 20 years but getting your panties in a wad if we "forget" yours. 1000s of ppl like mine and your sons posts and photos on Facebook; every single person on there but you. You leave me out, single me out and expect I enjoy being around you and just let you walk in my house unannounced. MY family that loves and respects us as we do them never even does that. You claim to be grandmother of the year..you might be to your daughters kids but not ours. Everyone of MY family members came over to bring Valentine's to the kids and see them today. You were the only one who didnt do shit. And the kids will always remember how you treat us all! Funny your son hasnt reached out to you at all huh? Well without me forcing him to he never will. He cant stand you. I should be glad your not around to rub off on my kids but I feel sorry that my kids have learned what favouritism and spite is because of your treatment of them and us. Your a miserable old troll and 1 can only hope that the people who care for and love us live way longer than your ugly scarecrow looking ass. I truly hate everything about you.

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