I Hate My Inlaws!

Sister in law pregnant again. Family to disintegra

Posted on Wed, Feb. 15, 2017 at 09:03 pm

Ok hi I'm a 37 yr old male with a great wife and wonderful 2.5yr old daughter. So my oblivious-to-the-world sister-in-law is pregnant again. 3rd kid on the way. First two kids, 2 different daddy's. Kid on the way same dad as 2nd kid. I think. Here's my beef: the family (wife's family) fully supported both kids so far. This almost bankrupted their small business and it's still in jeopardy. The father of 2 and 3 is a pretty much a dead beat. So family pays everything to the tune of 10,000/month. No lie. Best of everything. However they are old school Latin and apparently no nothing else but to standby her (I commend this) However this also is virtually bankrupting the business. So she tells my wife yesterday about new pregnancy and says,"it's ok, these things work themselves out". Well the problem here is she is 35yrs old. Always lived at home. Has zero brains, zero credit, zero ambition and so on. Really pretty girl but just so dumb. I mean real legit stupid. Anyways, this new kid on the way will 100% bankrupt the family business. (Family savings gone 4mo ago). She's 1.5 mo pregnant now we believe.... so what can I say or do. The family knows I have zero respect for her/their decisions to let her do whatever the hell she wants so it's always contentious when I'm around since I can't bite my tongue like they do. When in fact they feel like I do exactly. What do I do??

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