I Hate My Inlaws!

Husband's Family Wants Me Deported

Posted on Thu, Mar. 16, 2017 at 10:03 pm

My husband's family is really racist and when we announced our engagement his mother said said that "She wasn't sure I would fit in with the family because I'm half black and they're white, and might offend me with their 'humor'." Their idea of humor is apparently using the n word and hating gay people.

Recently, I had to block my MIL's dad on facebook for commenting on my status that he's excited for children to be deported, and he can't wait to see the wall. When I expressed that this was shocking, disrespectful and cruel, he told me to "enjoy my life in Mexico"...meanwhile his racist daughter actually is moving to Mexico to "spread the gospel" because she's too dumb to realize Mexico is a predominantly Catholic country already. I also think she fails to realize that, given that she hates immigrants and Mexico, moving to Mexico is an ironic choice.

I'm pretty sure my mother in law's father doesn't realize that, being that I was born in this country, and that I'm descended from slaves, my family has been here longer than his...but he told me I should be deported. Like...if I was hispanic that would be fucked up, but given that I'm not, nor am I an immigrant, it's really just absurd. I honestly think he wants all non-white people to be deported.

When my husband and I have adorable little mixed race babies with our blue eyes and tan skin and curly hair, they may come crying to me about how they aren't allowed to be in our children's life. Sorry, but I'm not going to have my babies turning their cloth diapers into Klan Hoods. The racist hatred stops here and now.

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