I Hate My Inlaws!

Jewish passive aggressive MIL,

Posted on Sat, Mar. 18, 2017 at 02:10 pm

Who do you think you are ...... fact : you are tacky ... you wear sequence everyday!!! It hasn't been in style since the 1980's...... Your hair is waaaayyyy too long and unkempt ..... you look like the bride of Frankenstein!. You brag about being so thin .... Your weight is unhealthy...... But you are a small troll....with a big mouth & nose to go with it..... when you attempt to smile .... it's so hard for you because you are a manipulative evil bitch ..... I feel like feeding you hay .... for your huge horse teeth!!!!!! Being UBER Skinny doesn't make you hot or remotely attractive.... just makes you look like you stepped out of Aushwits ! You Think you know everything about everyone & every subject ... YOU DO NOT!!! YOU ARE WHITE TRASH WHO MARRIED THE BALLESS BALDING DOCTOR DUMB!!! WE HAVE AVOIDED YOU AND YOUR TRASH DRAMA FOR YEARS ! MY WONDERFUL HUBBY & I HAVE A GREAT MUTUAL RESPECTING RELATIONSHIP ! UNLIKE YOU.... DUMB & MANIPULATED DUMBER!!!! STAY THE F*#K AWAY FROM US FOREVER!!!! Sincerely, A.

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