I Hate My Inlaws!

So cute

Posted on Tue, Apr. 18, 2017 at 09:45 pm

You know that I know you stalk all my shit, right? You know that I laugh at you almost daily for it too. I know all your secrets because you poured them out onto me time after time thinking I was so weak and in love with you that you'd control me forever. Newsflash, I've always been three steps ahead of you.

I hope my new baby ruins and trumps your marriage announcement and it eats you up like every other thing that's been as competition between us. I hope you like your new little house paid for by FIL since you and bil are helpless as children and can't make it on your own. It comes with a lot of strings attached. And I hope you remember as you look around your little cabin how much bigger and nicer my home was than yours.

You and bil are second best, always have. Second to FIL and mil, second to the family, even your rotten brats are second best and don't compare.

You two and your two sons can just go to hell where you belong.

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