I Hate My Inlaws!

You know who you are you self-righteous bitch

Posted on Tue, May. 16, 2017 at 09:36 pm

I fukn hate my husbands family. You self absorbed assholes. People like you are the reason we stopped going to church you self righteousness cunt. I truly hate you. I hope you choke on a cow d$$$. All these years I could give a rat's ass about you people, but you crossed the line playing with my kids emotions. You are the worst "gram" on earth. Your favoritism shows bitch. My Kids are more humbled than you two spineless pricks and can see right through you. Life is catching up with you. Fuck with my kids emotions one more time and your ass is going to get handed to you. Heed the warning. My husband looked at me so sad after your text.i had to pretend to smile and change the subject to help ease his sadness about his own family. Your son despises you so much that he leaves to be out of your sight and I am forced to an akward "conversation". He can barely handle talking to you, don't you see? You(mil) have no clue who we really are because you don't care about anyone else but your spineless husband who wished cancer had killed him. He was ready to die and leave you in debt lol. Your true colors really showed when we needed emotional support for a life changing situation. Where were you? Fuck off. I want to kick you in the fukn mouth. We have always been down to support family until we realized who you guys really are. Your son hates you bitch, wait, he told me he hates his whole family. At least my fucked up family has no contact with each other(lucky for my husband), husband's family pretends like nothing is wrong. Hey fil, go fuck the sil already , you creepy lil fuck.

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