I Hate My Inlaws!

Who are the in-laws?

Posted on Thu, May. 18, 2017 at 09:32 am

Here are the reasons why my in-laws are stupid:

1. MIL believes all of the ugly, hateful lies her daughter tells everyone. MIL is also the town gossip and loves attention, so quickly spreads these lies. Her method of spreading lies know no geographic boundaries; she is therefore thankful that the phone, email, and social networking websites were invented. MIL is also the resident gold digger.

2. SIL #1 (mentioned above) is the resident b***h princess who was spoiled by daddy and mommy and therefore knows no boundaries, compassion, or humbleness. She sees a guy she likes and he's married? No problem! She'll date/do him anyway! And, to her, people have no value unless they can pull in the $$$. Lost you job or can't get one because of downsizing, the bad economy, or medical/health problems? Well then SIL will dispose of you and encourage others to do so, too, like yesterday's garbage.

3. SIL #2 married into the family. Is a vicious manipulator, backstabber, narcissistic princess like SIL #1, but hides the beeatch better with sugary sweet, fake smiles and words. Is co-conspirator with SIL #1 with spreading hateful
gossip and lies. Aims to look and dress like SIL #1, but is around 100 pounds heavier than SIL #1 (and does not know that SIL #1 hates all fat/larger/big people, but only keeps them around to feel good about herself). SIL #2 believes all of the lies that SIL #1 tells her. Posts photos online of fake, wonderful life. Is lucky she married BIL #2, who is dumber
than a box of rocks.

4. Former BIL #1, who was married to SIL #1: He's lucky that he escaped.

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