I Hate My Inlaws!

I wrote my MIL's obituary..

Posted on Mon, Jul. 10, 2017 at 12:39 pm

(Name), died xx/xx/xx, surrounded by the only family member she hadn’t managed to run off, wherever she was.

There will not be service held as there is nothing in her life worth honouring, with the exception of the three sons she accidentally brought into this world.

She was born xx/xx/xx, to her dead beat mother that left her to be cared for by her OCD maniac father. She grew up in a hostile home, to parents who didn’t want her.
Shortly after the conception of her first child she was quickly married to Mr.______ at the age of 18. Their marriage suffered under the weight of her oppressive and manipulative personality. They were divorced in 20XX.

Unable to get over the divorce she asked for, she spent the remainder of her years chasing dead-end careers and non-committal men, clinging to a fantasy of happiness. She shredded the remainder of her relationships with her only sons through lies, gossip, and childish tantrums. Always blaming her sons, ex-husband, and the divorce for her short comings.

She was an active member of several Church’s in her life, never truly belonging to one. She claimed to be a faithful and prayerful person but instead used her religion to manipulate and guilt her family into forgiving her for the hurtful things she had done to them. She never once gave freely of herself without gaining something.

Her interests included herself, which ever son that took pity on her at the time, herself and herself. She devoted much of her time and energy to berating others and concocting intricate lies that she enjoyed spreading to her family and friends.

She will be survived by her incredible, unpayable, debt of $100,000. Giving her surviving sons the shaft again, leaving them to sort out the financial and legal mess she has left behind.

Ms. _____ will not be missed and her passing has been a great relief to those she tortured, especially her close family.

God have mercy on her soul because her family has none left.

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