I Hate My Inlaws!

Let me get this straight

Posted on Mon, Jul. 10, 2017 at 06:50 pm

You will not let me get a job because I keep on saying that I can not stand your mother .but you make sure that she keeps in bothering me and telling me off so that I do get mad and keep on saying how much I can not stand her . But there's one thing how come your son and your niece can all talk about your mother without any bullshit that comes with it . Are you really going to have your mother keep on bothering me forever and expect me to take her shit and not say one stinking word about her but yet you could live with yourself doing this shit to your wife and if I said that I do not want to see her ever again it's because she is so mean and has so much hatred to me to continually do this to me I'm sick of her being so mean why the heck are you doing this to me .😡 Oh wait is it because I do not want to allow her to treat me like dirt and verbally abuse me I think she is horrible and now that her son moved across the world we have to be stuck with her mean and nasty bologna why would you please tell me why already . Why won't you let this go and for the record don't you remember me saying to you oh I think that your mom hates me and she still does and she continues to verbally abuse me and you think that I deserve to take her shit and get an ulcer from allowing her to conting to verbally abuse me and I'm supposed to say thank you please continue to abuse me what the hell is your problem mister I know that you had a death in your family but let me tell you it is not a free ticket to kick and beat me down because you are hurt I hate you I hate you I hate you and if I find out that you harmed my dog in any way you are a heartless ass!!!!!!! Again I hate you I hate you sooooo much jerk!!!!

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