I Hate My Inlaws!


Posted on Tue, Jul. 11, 2017 at 08:59 am

Arghhh. Where do I start?! Besides my MIL being overly obsessed with all 4 of her sons who are all over the age of 25 she is extremely manipulative, selfish, clingy, needy, attention seeking & a winger . I just came back now from spending literally 6 hours with her and my husband in the emergency room because she "fainted" but the end result was she just had a virus. She tried to convince the doctor that she needed more medicine & that she needed the steam inhaler machine they gave her at the hospital & when he told her she's fine she needs panadol and needs to rest she looked sooo disappointed . She loves attention & dramatizes any situation possible & turns everything about her. I know I sound like a bitc* and maybe I am but I'm fed up with her!
My hubby and I recently moved in with my parents as we needed help financially & she initially was the one who talked us into moving in with my parents then as soon as we were convinced she wasn't happy with the decision and kept trying to convince us to move in with her so I can help her and drive her around! That's a whole other story, she is constantly asking me for favours as if I'm her bloody taxi driver!
Just now after spending 60000 hours with her waiting at the hospital she asked me to take her shoe shopping tomorrow and asked if I had "found the boots I've been looking for" (which is just me mentioning in front of her literally a month ago that I wanted knee high boots) I told her that I won't have the car tomorrow as my hubby will have it & her reply was "oh but he doesn't have work tomorrow" I was like "ohh yeah Ill let you know" (I had forgot that he didn't have work but she still doesn't think to give us space, on his night off we spent hours with her in hospital even though she seemed completely normally & the results for everything was fine besides a possible virus and while in hospital she's talking about going shoe shopping the next day.
I know I'm a passive aggressive person but the only reason I'm like that is I cannot be assertive with her because even if I am she doesn't accept it and will nag and nag until she gets her away !!

The other week she asked me if my parents and I would like to visit her sons restaurant & I told her we will if we have time as we are going on a holiday and preparing for it that weekend & she insisted we go, I said hopefully we will I just am not 100% she continued to insist even after me saying "maybe" and "okay we'll try" she kept saying "no you have to come, you HAVEEEEE TO MAKE IT 100% not maybe" like wtf?! Does she not have any respect for other people what so ever!?

These things might not be big to some people but her causing me soooo many problems in the past 8 years I've known her for her to all of a sudden try to spend time with me is so irritating . We have nothing in common, all she ever does is talk about her kids and their lives and their work and what they did and constantly complains about how sick and allergic she is.
She expects me and her kids to go out of our way for her over the dumbest things , like she'll call up my husband because she's craving a chocolate bar at 7pm at night she wants him to get out of the house to buy her chocolate, drop it off and come back home. Just so inconvenient and unimportant!!!
She's always bad mouthed her husband in front of me and her kids, they grew up hating him because of her & she claims she "stayed for the kids".
I've tried for soooooooooo many years to like her and get along with her but she is someone who I do not enjoy being around.
She always mentions to me how I should quit smoking before I get pregnant when I'm not even planing to get pregnant or mention anything to her about it. She also always mentions my weight , everytime I gain a kilo she lets me know and everything I lose a kilo she has to let me know! It makes me feel like I'm being watched.
She's so obnoxious and unlikeabke as a MIL but as a person from an outsiders point of view I would like her as she is in general a nice person.. and treats people way better than she treats her immediate family & all of her DILS!
She also always compares me to other people and puts me down infront of others. One time she told me my sister dresses nice and formal where I dress "trashy" I told my husband that day and broke down and he spoke to her so she ended up apologizing saying she didn't mean it but I don't think anyone is that stupid to think that's appropriate to say to anybody.
While me and my hubby were planning our engagement she wanted all these things to be done & acted like it was her bloody party. She wanted to hand out bonbeeniers (sorry don't know how to spell it) and she made these disgusting looking ones and then for some reason didn't hand them out (thank god)
She also insisted I wear my wedding band on my engagement (makes NOOOOOOO sense) so I politely said NO! And she said "okay" but then on the day she literally stood in front of us as he was putting on jewelry he bought me and she forced us to put on the wedding band by holding it and passing it to him and insisting infront of everyone (imagine) and he said no but she kept pushing and my H didn't want to cause a scene and so he took it and put it on me (then went off at her after a few days)
I told her one time that I had anxiety and she said "no you don't" and I told her "I do, I have been diagnosed" and she said "noooo trust me if you were sick I would know"
I felt like punching her in the face . There's a million things I could talk about but she's just so irritating I had to vent somewhere. Shes not as controlling now but the main things I get annoyed at is how she doesn't respect that we need to spend time together and on my hubbys days off she asks me and him for favours & how she is dramatic and acts like she's a dying 98 year old when she's 60 and generally healthy! #rantover

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