I Hate My Inlaws!


Posted on Sat, Aug. 05, 2017 at 08:46 pm

I have never understood in my entire life why people look for closure in any relationship until I came across the same.
It's not like my in laws and I live in the same city or anything,neither I have to visit them frequently. Funny thing is they don't even interfere in my life. Still there's some kinda hold they have on their son that he is so obliged to them.

He is like no matter what happens I'm not gonna say a single word to my mom. He never stand by me even when there were times he could have said something. Funny thing is his parents never utter a single word of disapproval when he is around neither they praise me or anything.
It's like after all these years I'm nobody in this " loving family" (their loving family they particularly mention this
every time and make sure I hears it.)

In my earlier years of marriage I used to expect everything. I was hungry for their appreciation,but after so many painful memories I have realized that I am so naive still thinking about everything. I should move on. But I'm on the Verge of an major outburst. As I have been keeping everything to myself, not letting anyone know that how demeaning it feels. My husband and I have had long discussions several times over the years. We are snappy and angry all the time too. As he is his Momma's boy he refused to let them know about my feelings, that how bad I feel, how they don't even consider my opinions and all. The list is endless.
The "closure " I'm looking for is honestly I wanna fight. I wanna give them my piece of mind. But considering their health and not to mention both are heart patients, I can't say anything to them.
I'm very private person don't share my thoughts with anyone. I'm so glad I can write anything.
Hoping I could get everything out of my system once in for all.
By penning down these thoughts I actually feel relieved and less angry.

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