I Hate My Inlaws!

I have had it

Posted on Mon, Aug. 07, 2017 at 06:51 am

My husbands mother has always been nasty and mean to me and has also been nasty to my kids . So everytime that I see her she is horrible to me and it really upsets me and my idiot husband can't understand why I want her out of my life completely. She bothers me and what you are having a really hard time understanding is that she has always been horrible. And I had enough of her crap and you should be in my side not punishing me for her bad behavior it's not healthy for her to treat me so bad . So why would you not allow me to get a job when you know that she enjoys being mean and nasty all the time you can't allow this shit anymore . I honestly never liked her I just felt with her and it was when I had to but do I enjoy her company no and I never liked going to your house your mom was not nice and neither was your sister so this bologna needs to stop and it needs to stop now and thanks for spending some time with me in your vacation you selfish prick!!!! It's all about you and your fatness .

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