I Hate My Inlaws!

Alone Not Lonely

Posted on Tue, Aug. 08, 2017 at 07:43 am

The thing I hate most about my inlaws (cousins) is the way they used to guilt trip my husband. They loved to pat themselves on the back for inviting us to spend holidays with them. My husband and I don't have children and are in our retirement years. They felt so sorry for us not having children and grandchildren. The only problem is they are beyond envious of our lifestyle. My husband was an only child, so they felt he had it easy. Reality check, my husband's parents were working class. He was able to afford college because he was in the military and that paid his tuition. He only inherited their small home which he helped to maintain because his parents were living on social security. Over the years he paid for many repairs ex, new roof, flooring etc. I can honestly say after spending holidays alone when I was single and with only my husband it is much better than being with people who don't honestly care for you.

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