I Hate My Inlaws!

Lost my respect forever

Posted on Tue, Aug. 08, 2017 at 08:09 am

Hey MIL,

Until last week I had 'some' respect on you. I even tried to 'love' you. Now you lost all my respect as usual, the moment you made a clear plan and attempted to loot all my savings as well as my husband's savings. You clearly know that we are financially in a very tough situation when you have a million dollar in your bank account, lots of properties and jewelry all for yourself. We won't inherit your money ever although you won't try to provide inheritance coz we DONT need yours. Just leave us alone instead of trying to find ways to steal our money. I HATE YOU!!! I really wish someday when your son finds all about every mean thing you do as well as your act of stealing. Because of you we still could not afford for our own baby. All you could do was torture us by forcing us to have a baby and then steal all our money at the same time! You have no sense. How do you always say it's okay if we struggle without money and that we need to give you all our money when you have so much money in your own pockets? You have an excellent TV and now you want us to buy a brand new TV just because you're bored??? Why do you want us to buy you a brand new car just because you're bored of your current one? Why is that you can't buy all that with your own luxury money? LEAVE US ALONE !!!!

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