I Hate My Inlaws!

So sick of the craziness

Posted on Wed, Aug. 09, 2017 at 04:00 am

I hope that you know that everytime that we have anything that your nasty mother has to get invited to she ruins it by her bad behavior and I do not think that since she doesn't have parties any more and also she doesn't know how to behave at a party. I mean come on all she does is try to cause trouble she enjoys bothering me and if you think that's ok then I do not want anything to do with you anymore. You have said in the past fine if you have the parties somewhere else she does not have to be invited and I have been doing that and know your all of the sudden not including me in anything you selfish jerk . And you know that your mom treats me like crap so who would put their spouse through pure hell knowing that their mother is a complete ass. Who could you please tell me why all of the sudden we have to deal with her and I am telling you she is driving me crazy and I can't deal with her , she is too mean to me and I refuse to I wouldn't make you hang out with someone who was bullying you and can't you see that it's not even healthy for her to be around at all do you want the kids around someone who is so miserable that they enjoy bring other people down to their level . Wake up she's 80 years old and she will never ever change you can't teach an old dog new tricks and why are you trying to force this mean women into our lives to create kios you know deep inside that she will never behave . And I do not deserve this at all if she yelled at you to come into our lives yell back please and tell her you do not behave properly in front of the other side of my family and you are terrible to my wife and until you can behave properly you can not come . And you know that she will not ever behave properly she enjoys being mean and nasty you said it yourself she will never change and our lives were fine without her . She just has nothing better to do with her time now that she's retired so she needs to ruin our lives now why can't you see that I can not stand this she's terrible please I'm begging you don't make me have to be around this nasty women please . And tell her to get a job she is driving everyone crazy . And you have some nerve say that I deserve her crap at your mothers house when she decided to make me cry and to ruin our sons birthday but you can't see that she is just trying to ruin our lives we were so much happy with out her in our lives she really needs to fill up her day with other things oh and this is the best one my husband thinks that because I refuse to deal with someone who always puts me down and I refuse to have to deal with her evilness that He will not include me in anything anymore why are you double punishing me she is horrible but you are not taking my side why . Ok she is like a child and why would you reward a child for their bad behavior why she wants to act like a child treat her like one . But what the hell are you doing have you lost your mind . If you don't talk to her I will . She has treated me terrible for all of these years and I'm supposed to reward her that is saying to her please keep on treating me horrible because I will not stand up to you . Don't you think that this is affecting me terribly who would in their right mind would force and evil person in their wife you don't you love or care about me at all . Please cut it out.

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