I Hate My Inlaws!

What if you find out ?

Posted on Thu, Aug. 10, 2017 at 01:42 am

My MIl is widowed and live with us, my husband is her only son and here is wr the problem starts. The problem is not only my MIl but my Husband as well.
We had a love mariage.. we dated each other for 5 years and during those years, I enjoyed the pouting, his attention and everything. After we got married , I felt like we are not couple anymore, wrever we go, my MIl has to e with us, be it an underwear shopping for my Husband.. yes it was that pathetic and the unbelievable fact was my husband always used to ask her mother to come along just out of curtsy and she never denied, never in her lifetime she told .. no you both need to spend some time together.. you both can go, I will stay home.Deep inside I kept juggling with myself. Then One day We got our good news. I though things will change.. but nahhh.. one day I was feeling sick and so i did not go to office, my MIl did not knew this and then her Daughter called her, I could not believe my ears.. she just cud not stop bitching about me. I was shattered, I had maintained a good relation with her till then... apart from small little quarrels she enjoyed to stay with us. THe day I heard it , I went to her room n straight to her face.. I heard what you said and I feel verry sorry for myself. She obviously told her Daugheter.. with her I had been frnd like relation. she did not even bothered to say sorry, she did not even bothered to say anything. Days passed she was still living with us, but obviously She lost her own respect in my eyes. our baby was born life was going well and then one day I heard her talking to her own mum and again bitching about me. this time I lost it. I called her mother , asking what type of person is ur daughter? I called up her daughter asking what type of Mom is you mom? I questioned everyone.. it that what you do to your own family? family who is the only support for you? who pays your living? we pay every single penny for her living.. right from her beauty par lour cost to her bathing soap. I stopped talking to her from that day.. I stopped talking to her daughter from that day, I talk to her Mom sometime and that too coz she is very elderly person. Months have passed.. I still can't connect with her. She tries to be as polite and sweet with me, but deep down me I have that feeling that its fake. How much is it justified to bitch about your daughter in law in front of all those people? they called it sharing of feelings? well go ahead.. if the feelings are soo hard its better kept away from me.

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