I Hate My Inlaws!

caught again

Posted on Fri, Sep. 08, 2017 at 01:36 pm

No idea how many times I've already caught my witch MIL talking shit behind my back and even her own children. But today I couldn't keep quiet anymore. As always the witch that lives with us in a house WE pay currently, with her boyfriend (both unemployed, fat, drug addict- cigarettes, alcohol) talked to her crappy bf about me saying I was bad for her son, because of me he would have nothing, he changed because of me and he was normal before he met me. Haha I can't even explain how ridiculous this is since this is the situation:

I helped my DH move to my country, we lived there nicely, I worked while he didn't because he couldn't get a job. We moved to another country the witch MIL currently lives in JUST to HELP her. She lived with a drug addict drug dealer in a house who was also violent and put her 17 years old son in that same house. We went there, I gave her ALL the money I had because I am a good person offering help whenever I can. We fought with her drug addict bf and helped her and my BIL move in with us. We moved somewhere else for a better job while she could stay in our new rented house and WE even paied everything while not even living there. She asked for many anyway, she claimed she needed operations, money for a lawyer and so on. WE went it. Not knowing that her new drug addict bf had moved in a long time ago and we were paying for his lazy ass and addictions. So when we came back from our seasonal job, we found the house destroyed, my things sold and my underwear used by her...still we were friendly, didn't complain except about the cigarettes since they smoked in the whole house and we don't want to be sick, neither does my BIL.
I went with that with MIL to lawyer appointments, helped her with anything I could, and as aoon as she was still vunerable becauae she didn't have anything, she was friendly. Now that the state is paying her lazy ass, she shows her real face but my DH still thought she's a good person.

So I wonder how dare some1 who I even gave up my life in my home country for and gave absolutely every fucking thing, how dare that witch ******** ***** ******* even talk that shit about me. I just can't believe what kind of disgusting people exist.

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