I Hate My Inlaws!

It's like one of those movies...

Posted on Mon, Sep. 11, 2017 at 07:58 pm

...where you have the house guest from hell who literally drives you to the point where you want to kick the you know what out of them.

That's my spouse, his mommy, and one of his "charming" (yes that was sarcasm) sisters

It's like they can literally see inside my brain better than I can and they know how to push me totally over the edge

Over 20 years of it and me trying everything I can to get them to stop.

The only thing that gets any results is being as nasty as I legally can.

They are not happy unless they are whining or backstabbing.

I'm a pretty big whiner, but I don't even come close to them.

According to them everybody but them is overpaid and/or underworked.

I think this is lingering crap from the old country. I saw a stand up comedian talking about Eastern Europeans being glass half empty.

And I think she was Eastern European.

What an understatement.

If they are whining about something that can be easily fixed, they don't want to fix it. They want to keep whining about it.

If you suggest doing something different (why are we wasting money - which you hate to do - buying all these Christmas gifts that nobody wants or needs. We're all adults.) they look at you like you're talking Chinese.

Did I mention that you need to speak slowly and use small words?

Anything that is different from what they are used to doing is automatically a bad thing.

My spouse finally stopped criticizing the way I decorate. I don't know if he gave up or he's too scared of me now or he finally figured out that maybe the way Mommy docorates might not be the only way. I like to call her design style "let's see how much tacky junk I can cram into this house"

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