I Hate My Inlaws!

My Husband's Regret

Posted on Tue, Sep. 12, 2017 at 09:35 pm

My husband's regret was picking up his parents, taking them to our new house (first time they visited, NOW also the last as of last night!) and shielding them from Hurricane Irma. MIL and FIL showed me, DH and my mother her true colors by calling me and my mother difficult bitches, how she hated being around us as a family and how jealous she is of us. MIL purposely tried to steal from our house - she was about to take an expensive item and I caught her red handed and showed everyone. MIL yelled "I should had been out in the storm, I didn't ask for this! I rather stay in a flooded ghetto apartment than be around this bitch (me)" in Spanish.
Wish granted, because they went home this morning! His little brother texted DH this morning, saying they have NO power, NO water and NO sewage for a good month (from what I heard) and they DO live in a run down apartment - that's now flooded out, but the little brother HAS to listen to his parents, as he has no mind of his own. If they call us - DH wants NOTHING to do with them anymore. We are lucky to sustain no damage to our house, and had lights on with running water, but his parents are idiotic and ran away from it all - that's the hood rat life they live.

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