I Hate My Inlaws!


Posted on Sun, Oct. 08, 2017 at 06:14 am

I was such a lamb to his family when we first married. I smiled and was kindhearted while my new "sisters" tried to make me look like an idiot at my own bridal and baby showers. I was blind until after the fact that there may have been some meaning behind his entire family wearing black to our afternoon wedding. I bought generous gifts for them on every occasion, even when the recipient was so hateful she wouldn't even speak to me. I endured his mother's screaming hissy fits, humiliating me in front of everyone, including my own children.
(They laughed. They LAUGHED while this was happening.)
I put up with every drunken slut my inlaws invited to every gathering for the sole purpose of trying to lure my husband, I was even nice to these girls.
And then I reached my limit.
You see, I'm long on love for people and I enjoy giving. I hate conflict. But that doesn't mean I won't eventually drink my fill of your vile treatment and shove that bottle straight up your.....
Oh dear.
I'm forgetting myself. Pardon me while I straighten my halo.
That's their game. Designate a whipping girl, and shred her at every opportunity. Then laugh and gossip and talk trash all the time when she isn't present, until she can see the hate in your friends' eyes and the awkwardness in her own nephews' because of all the lies they've been told behind her back.
Well, here's MY game.
Keep slinging that s#*t in my direction. Focus on shooting your cruel darts and petty insults at me. That's right, keep it coming. Keep mocking. Throw my warmth and generosity back in my face like it's mud.
Stay distracted...
...so you won't even be aware of how I'm freezing you out.
You're so busy talking trash...(fire and reload, fire and reload, fire and reload)....that you don't even notice that each time you attack, I take a step backward.....
and so do dh and our kids.
When did you last see him, by the way?
Or them?
Didn't bank on that, did you?
Didn't think I'd cut you off from ALL of us to the point that my kids don't even know you?
You should have.
What's funny is that now that they don't have me to abuse, they tear each other apart. We hear about it second hand, somebody's always the target in that family. But it won't be me and it won't be my kids.
It's been years now, by the way. We see dh's parents....once a year? Maybe twice?
Did I mention that they live one street over?
I can't even remember the last time we saw them for Thanksgiving or a birthday gathering.
My kids couldn't pick their aunts out of a lineup.
That's exactly how I want it, and that's how it's going to stay.
And now they whine that the "family is split" and "we never see them."
Boo hoo, you people are the devil.
And you picked the wrong target.
Shoot bullets at me?
I'll drop a f#€|

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