I Hate My Inlaws!

I hate my low class in laws!!

Posted on Tue, Oct. 10, 2017 at 10:18 am

My in laws are retired now, although MIL has never worked a day in her life. They have nothing going for them, no friends, no money, nothing!! They live in a house that we own and pay us about half the market rent. Their day consists of watching back to back movies and smoking like chimneys. They have not saved at all for retirement so there will come a time when they will ha e to live with us or at Lyle very least we will need to pay for everything. I fully expect that we will be paying for their funerals.
They have never once invited me/us for a meal at their home, except for Christmas dinner. If I go over to do maintenance on the house that they live in, I’m offered a cup of tea or coffee and nothing more... even if I’ve been there all day and have not eaten a thing. They have not once acknowledged my birthday.
The thing that boils my blood is that my husband treats them like kids!! He’s the parent and they are the kids!! God forbid I open my mouth and complain about them... he is so defensive and will jump down my throat!! He can complain all he wants about my family but when it’s my turn to point things out, he goes on the attack.
I have had to spend every single Christmas with them for the past 13 years. They come over Christmas Eve and don’t leave until Boxing Day. I hate it!!!! I told my husband I want one Christmas with just my kids and him but he says “I can’t cut them off now”. “There’s nothing I can do”. What about my family?!?!?!?! They come over, watch tv and smoke, while we run ragged with Christmas dinner and gifts. They don’t play with the kids and they have nothing to talk about. They are borIng, small minded, conservative, uninteresting, low class, poverty mentality and I hate them so much!!!!! My resentment for them is toxic and I don’t know what to do!?

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