I Hate My Inlaws!

My evil MIL

Posted on Tue, Oct. 10, 2017 at 11:50 am

My MIL is just a cunning old folk. She acts like she is a naive old woman in front of everyone for e.g., acting that she doesn't know how to solve some simple problems (yet her mind keep spinning to think how to take advantage from us). She wants a full control of our lives. She knows the GPS of every single things in our room (can you stop doing that you creepy old lady). She doesn't want me to live happier than her (when I was on my confinement, she stopped her son to buy those supplements which are good for mummy. She told him that's not necessary. She never let me rest well during
confinement. My baby, her grandson was sleeping, she open our room door loudly then of course a new born get frighten and starting to cry, you know what?! She just shut the door and walk away. Left me and my crying son. This happened MANY times. My confinement was just a nightmare and a total disaster. I'm having backache and soreness now mainly is coz never rest well during confinement). She showing grumpy face when she sees her son treating me well. She treats her another son so well aka bias yet my BIL is not filial at all. Hi MIL, one day when my son get married, got his own family, I would be very happy for him and till then, that's time to let go my responsibility as a guidance. I would feel relieve to see them bcm a grown up and I will try to accomplish my undone dreams / goals. Anyway fyi, I'm pregnant again. I will not get bullied by you like the last time. Watch out evil witch!

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