I Hate My Inlaws!

One Woman's Treasure is Another Woman's Trash

Posted on Wed, Oct. 11, 2017 at 05:53 pm

Dear Mother-in-Law,

How did it become our responsibility to store your moldy, filthy box of old and disintegrating family pictures? It is clearly obvious that you forgot that these (suddenly precious) photos existed and were left behind.

It was the new owner of your former home who contacted you (almost a year after your move) to inform you of this box that he found tucked away in the darkest recess of the attic.
If these pictures are so sentimental to you, why were they hidden away in the belfry and neglected?

Now, you are hysterical about these abandoned photos that you cherish so much and demand that your son and I keep this disgusting box in our tiny studio apartment because we live closer to the old homestead.

Yes, we have obtained your keepsake, which has become our crap, and it is invading our limited space until we deliver it to you next summer.

I cannot believe how livid you are over my suggestion to discard these pictures. They are torn, faded, discolored and falling apart. They are not valuable heirlooms, respected mementos or beloved treasures. Don't pretend you are suffering because you've been deprived of seeing your great grandma's smiling face while she sits on a rocker on the farm's porch. She's frowning because she knows her descendants are nothing but whiners!

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