I Hate My Inlaws!

The Reason

Posted on Thu, Oct. 12, 2017 at 03:27 am

Found out why DH hates his MIL and SIL. SIL has been in and out of jail numerous times, with MIL bailing her out each time. This caused the family to lose a lot of finances and apply for section 8. Also, DH had money to go to flying school, but MIL and SIL stole his money, and he was also kicked out of the home at 17.
Years later, he makes great money having a career in his field, has me and kids. His mother hates me and called me a slutty gold digger for years. She said she doesn't believe DH fathered my kids because "they look too Indian to be his"... I am half Indian and Spanish, as well as ignoring me and my kids, rubbing in my face that she hates us. My daughter kicked her in the leg. Karma kicks in. Recently, we found out his mother now lives in a disability home, none of her family, including DH, visits her anymore. My DH does not give her money at all, but her other sons do and they all hate each other. SIL is still in jail... She is staying in there, no one is bailing her out.

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