I Hate My Inlaws!

I'm divorcing all of you ! :)

Posted on Thu, Oct. 12, 2017 at 08:34 am

MIL- I heard you've got 6-12 months to live due to liver disease, and you're not a likely transplant recipient due to other health problems. It makes me think how unfortunate it is you never treated me like a human being. I've got plenty of liver to spare and all you had to do was not be a horrible bitch.

GMIL- The first time I saw you after it was known I'd filed for divorce from your grandson, you acted exactly the same fake 'friendly' way you usually do (that is, when you're not being astonishingly hostile). Thank you for the fakeness that night. It's preferable to the hostility. Let's keep this BS up until you are dead if you don't mind!

SIL- I don't mind that you were in town while I was away and I'm indifferent whether you saw my son in my absence (he's five and doesn't tell me everything). One of the best things going on this fall is not hearing about you from the in-laws. It used to be the very mention of you nauseated me. And I'd dread running into you somewhere. But now I'm like, come to town or don't. Fall into a sinkhole. You're nobody to me.

AIL: I love, love, love not seeing your house every day since I moved out of the neighborhood. I hope that when you eventually die I won't hear about it until long afterward. Maybe you are already dead! That's a reassuring thought because I really wouldn't know.

'D'H: Your family is just absolutely lousy with personality-disordered women; you ought to know that but you don't seem to fully grasp the reality of what you're working with. I know you didn't have the capacity, but it was YOUR JOB to protect me from them. You needed to set boundaries, **maintain those boundaries** and insulate your 'beloved' wife from the crazy. Instead you threw me under the bus and left me to deal with them. EVERY TIME. And I couldn't deal because it simply wasn't my shit to deal with. I could never win if it's them against me because you *never* fully had my back. You just pussed out. If this alone had been our problem, ex-H, I would've still left. Because it was that bad. But it wasn't our only problem, just the most hurtful problem. I'm so glad to be finally rid of you and your family.

Never again.
Never again.

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