I Hate My Inlaws!

What are you thinking?

Posted on Fri, Nov. 10, 2017 at 08:27 pm

Really, giving the precariousness of our relationship do you think it's appropriate to dig through my Facebook and repost old photos of my kids? Yes, they do "grow more beautiful everyday" Sounds like a regular Hallmark moment. Of course, you wouldnt know since you only see my kids a couple times a year and have zero contact outside of those times. Oh, and when you do see or talk to them you use anything they say as a jumping off point to talk about your favorite grandchildren. Our oldest has you figured out. I give the younger another year or two. You even have our older child's phone number yet the only time you have ever texted him is in the middle of the school day on his birthday. Good one. And since I've started on this rant, if you are going to base your relationship and love for our kids on the gifts you give could you listen to their suggestions - the ones you ask for?! How about considering my kids instead of ACTUALLY telling me you purchased it for someone else but they already had it so you will give it to my kid (even I told you he wasn't into cars)
Knowing all that I am supposed to have him be greatful for thinking of him (except you weren't, see?) You are a wonderful grandmoyher to your daughter's children but the sons kids have nothing special. Getting yired of the charade. 100% your loss. I wondering what your thinking and hope that someday you see the reason of the lack of relationship.

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