I Hate My Inlaws!

Actions that have caused me to hate my inlaws

Posted on Sat, Nov. 11, 2017 at 11:25 am

I have been married 3 years now and things just keep piling up. So here goes the reasons.
1. I have always been a faminist and an activist for the rights. So I have clearly told my family and his that "dowry" is a big no for my wedding. Yet my MIL went and asked my mother for furnitures the day I got married. My mother being the giving person she is, could not say no.
How can I be expected to not be angry at my MIL.
2. All of my in laws constantly keep commenting my skin colour. I am olive skinned. They wanted a fair girl in their midst.
3. My MIL keeps contantly taunting me about things I can or can not do. My career choice is wrong for a girl, my haircut is ugly, I am getting fat, I wear the wrong kind of clothing ..etc. even though she loves her other DIL who is twice as fat as me and spends money like crazy.
4. They are always making my husband miserable even though he is in a very good place in his career. They keep comparing him to his older brother (who is jobless btw) saying that he is so great, why cant u be. They literally told my husband that his brothered was prefered over him once.
5. Went to visit my mother and bad mouthed me and my husband.
6. Did not let us go on our honeymoon
7. Took all the wedding gifts
8. Tells me how to live my life. Literally tells me to do things like clean the house today, cook this, "learn to cook sushi or panipuri so that we can have em". I mean seriously I live 10000 miles away from them.

I have lived a miserable life for the past 3 years with them. Even thought only lived together for 1/3rd. Made my family pay for furniture that they use now. I hate that. I could have used the money more effeciently. I have cried for nights and have had suicidal thoughrs because of them. But enough is enough. I am tired of trying to make them like me. My husband, I know, will keep trying. I am done. Hopefully now I can be happy being myself. I just wish I did not have to speak to them. That would have been for the best since speaking to them only makes me angry and bring the hatred, that i try so hard to not think about, rushing back.

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