I Hate My Inlaws!

My father in law belittle me but ask me do everyth

Posted on Sun, Nov. 12, 2017 at 11:52 am

My in laws are very rude Person. My father In law has 6 children. 4 Girls and 2 boys. My husband is the oldest one. He always belittle me but give me all the work. We live separately, he change my house lock and give me a copy. So he can come and ask me to help him. I am OK even though he never help me before or doted on my kids. He even call my kids retarded while calling all her daughter's genius. He ask me to prepare his company account, service his computer,prepare his company welfare and everything without paying me while saying I m so free with his daughters . Man, I taking care of 9 month old baby, 3 years old children n a 6 years old special need kid all by myself without any help. They claim I have nothing to do. Honestly, I never had time to zzz. My husband siblings stay at home and refuse to go to work...N depend on my mother in law to cook n clean for them!!The eldest is 39 years old while the youngest one is 28 years old. I m so angry...I don't owe my in laws anything...My father in laws buy their other children houses and luxurious car saying they need it...While my husband and I buy cars with our own hard works....We got laugh for being stupid...Got belittle for helping my father in laws...He even dare to say my daughter say can send the year end statement by email..N that I am stupid to send it by hand...Please...If yr daughters are so smart...Y they can't complete the account and I need to do it for them when the due date is only 2 weeks..becoz they r lazy and ignorant...They give lot of coMplain why they caNt do push it to me to settle by 2 weeks time...Then call me stupid when I manage to do it?? Please..It a last minute job...I need to know if they are error in it...in my country,the account firm officer won't check it for us unless we give them hardcopy n insist...I want to shout..This is common knowledge...Duh...I even tell dozen of time the reason to my father in laws...He jt ignore it and say me stupid...5 years pass and it still like that...I can't stand anymore and I scold him.. "I won't help you anymore,please gives it to your daughters to do since they are so clever and competant like u say...When they finish,they can email it or even use dove( the ancient way).And I dont care anymore. I don't have time for myself...Don't even have times to take my food or went to toilet, while his daughter and other son have plenty of time to go overseas holiday and such with the money I save by helping their father...What the hell...

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