I Hate My Inlaws!

Fed Up

Posted on Mon, Nov. 13, 2017 at 04:36 am

My daughter just turned three not too long ago, and my husband and I decided to have a nice family get together for the occasion. Well, it would have been nice if ANYONE in his family would have shown up! I am beyond ticked off.
We met with his father and step-mother, turned out to be my husband's "oops" moment. He sent them the wrong day. Understandable. But his awful, horrible, no good mother texted him and told him that she just "didn't feel like coming" and "it wasn't worth her time". Nice. Real nice.
I'm even more ticked off than when my daughter was just born and she said that my precious baby girl was too fat and ugly to be her daddy's. Ugh. I never thought I could actually hate a person before, but oh she proved me wrong!

And then, the next day she came over to our house with this sob story of how she just forgot and how she felt horrible... liar! We both read the text messages!

We had the party at MY mother's house. My mom isn't perfect, but she's never been rude or down right aweful like his mother is ALL the time. And later she was texting him and trying to tell him that it was just because she feels 'unwanted' at my mom's. She sure as hell is unwanted now.

Oh! And on top of that, she tried to guilt trip my husband and I into going to his brother's house for a house warming party, THE NEXT DAY! And he's been living there for over a year now. Are you KIDDING me!? I'm so angry I'm crying!

I worked OVERTIME so that we could afford to feed everyone for the party and I even baked the cake myself and we bought things for all the nieces and nephews...! And no one on his side showed up... My baby might not remember this, but I sure as he'll will.

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