I Hate My Inlaws!

Asshole-free Thanksgiving

Posted on Tue, Nov. 14, 2017 at 02:36 am

It’s so disgusting how shitty mil and fil treat my children. Assholes never call to ask how they are doing, never invite them over to spend quality bonding time together, and live five min away. You worthless dicks are the ones missing out and cheating my kids out of grandparents. Of course, they’d happily fly to the moon for their “other” grandkids though. What an embarrassment both of you are. Most selfish people I have ever met!
But they never miss an opportunity to show off/look good in front of their fake friends, like they’re some really great grandparents.
Don’t bother sniffing around our place when you need help getting to the bathroom in a few more years. Call someone who gives a shit! Fuck you psychos!

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