I Hate My Inlaws!

Dictatorial sister in laws

Posted on Tue, Nov. 14, 2017 at 10:08 am

I don't even know why I had to stumble to such an disheartening family of in laws.My Sil who lives abroad once called me to ask me when I will be moving in to her brothers house.I told her soon.That is when the rant started,"i know why you want to get married to my bro,because he is your baby daddy.Nowadays you dont have to get married to your babby daddy.Are you aware he has another girlfriend.Besides when you move in now,you will make mom sick,you know she has blood pressure."All this time i kept quiet and wondered why is she so against me.The other sil who lives around also hates me so much.She is the one who passes info to the other sil.In our culture when you give birth you are supposed to stay at your in laws.That is where i saw hell.I was wrong but i couldnt help when i decided to snoop at my sils whatsapp conversation with the other abroad sil,they talked about me being lazy,dirty,that i dont wash my child.Oh God,that was so difficult for me,i cried all that i could.I decided to go back to my house,that is when mother in law got angry and said that i am very ungrateful.The goodness is that my husband stands with me at all times,thank God for that,thats why they hate me.I have been hearing word up and about about me,source,ofcourse from my sils.Hell broke loose and thats when the bitch in me came out.I used to be quiet,reserved never ever stood up for myself.I texted both of them out of anger and gave them what they didnt want to hear.The first sil is 35years,2nd sil is 28yrs both unmarried.I told them thats why they never get married is because of they are bitter dictatorial b*****s who never even realise they are now courgar.And even much more,I cannot type most of it.They used my texts to spoil my name,that I am a pretender my true colours are now out and that they will never ever get married because they are entitled to everything at home.I wonder who said I wanted everything theirs.All my relative in laws,hateme because of that single text.It is difficult I tell you.My hubby told me to just keep quiet,that one text was enough.I just pray for God's strength.

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