I Hate My Inlaws!

My mother in law is legit crazy

Posted on Mon, Dec. 04, 2017 at 10:58 am

My mother in law is freaking nuts. When I had my first daughter I was severely depressed, I cried constantly. Needless to say I wasn't up for much company, immediate family was fine but other than that we wanted our time. So what is the first thing she does? She brings my fil's whole entire side of the family TO MY HOUSE and stays all day. I am literally sitting in my chair looking out the window bawling my eyes out. Does she pay attention? nope, she proceeds to walk them through our home and show them each and every room. I was pissed. They didn't care about my feelings or thought maybe I was tired. It was three days after my delivery (emergency C-section) and her and my fil started asking when we were going to try for another one. They also put in their request for a grandson (as if we had any control over that). They were basically using me as a baby factory.
Fast forward three and a half years and we have our second daughter. The first thing out of their mouth when I come out of recovery is, "well maybe the next one will be a boy." Seriously?1? They had little to do with our second daughter and to this day pay little to no attention to her. my mil even gave them a valentines card, one for each granddaughter, my first daughters card said, " we love you more, our special granddaughter.) My other daughters said, "have a great valentine's day, we love you." Needless to say I threw them both out.
My in laws had a near melt down when my husband told them he had had a vasectomy. Literally his mom cried and pleaded saying if it were God's will no man would stop us from getting pregnant with their longed for grandson. My Fil put his two cents in and told us he hoped we had sex before the vasectomy and that I would have gotten pregnant.
Since the birth of our daughters I have had issues with depression and anxiety, so she tells me to take myself off those devil medication and let God heal me. Like does she want me to be suicidal??? I can't stand her, or my father in law. they are seriously ridiculous.

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