I Hate My Inlaws!

Ohhh how I hate them

Posted on Sat, Jan. 06, 2018 at 01:31 pm

These people were different when my son was born they were so arrogant and acted invincible. SIL has put them in place by being outright rude with them. They are now a wet cat. Can’t utter much from mouth. These people are getting back like anything. But I’m not done with you guys As soon as I see you guys see how revenge unfolds I will treat them soooooooooooo well. Uselessssss people do nothing and sit around all the time. BIL has rented a mansion cos he wants to live in a mansion even when he can’t afford it just to show us down. These people are sooooo silly. Just before birth of his child BIL has a huge party and got extremely sick with alchohol overdose. He had such a severe infection. Dr said one more time and it will damage your organs. Isn’t that the smartest thing to do drink alcohol like there is no tomorrow. And they think they are the smartest people and rest are fools who sacrifice everyday in their lives work hard and struggle through stuff to make a life. Nope we are fools cos they live the life by partying

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