I Hate My Inlaws!


Posted on Sun, Jan. 07, 2018 at 02:30 am

Mil and Sil, those gross cookies you made us went right into the trash.
The gifts you gave my children and husband went straight to Goodwill.
I don’t want anything from either of you in my house.
Hope you enjoyed your dollar store gifts. Giving my husband and children each 3 decent gifts while giving me one tacky glittery lipstick collection is so typical of you all. Taking what should be a loving event and using it to show how much you hate me. Just like every other Christmas for the last 19 years. Screw you all.
I’m taking my power and happiness back.
The best gift I’ve gotten is my husband on board to not tolerating your toxic side of the family. Couples counseling and prayer has worked wonders for my marriage and when I told you how happy and at peace we are, all you could do was put on your fake half smile and say “ooohhh” in your baby nasally voice. Since then you have not contacted husband as much.
For someone who claims to “always worry” about “the family” you sure hate when there’s joy and happiness in our lives.
When you found out your brothers wife and I actually talk to each other and we both know you’re a manipulative phony, you sure weren’t happy. Hypocrite.
You are all talk, no action.
Thank you God for taking away my hurt, pain and anger in dealing with MIL/SIL. I gave it to you as I just couldn’t deal with it anymore.
Thank you for letting me heal.

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