I Hate My Inlaws!

I Am His Wife! You Are Not!

Posted on Sun, Jan. 07, 2018 at 06:24 pm

My position in your son’s life trumps yours.

Yes, obviously you are his mother-duh! However, the moment your son CHOSE me to be in his life, to share his days, his most special moments, his bed, intimate private moments you SHOULD of stepped aside to let him live his life as he CHOSE to.

You do not Share a bed with him, you do not share the most intimate moments he will ever experience with him, you will not be the one whose eyes he looks into for a deep loving connection.

You, your husband and his jealous brother need to learn to mind your own business. Take care of your own relationships. You certain haven’t the perfect lives-far from it! But my goodness don’t you love to find daft reasons in order to pry and intrude.

GROW UP! All three of you!

You need to step aside and leave him to live his own life. Focus on your dysfunction, each of you, and think about the ACTUAL selfish reasons why you constantly try to fuck things up for us, because you are too damn frightened to face your very real problems.

We, are FINE!!!!

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