I Hate My Inlaws!

We Don't Miss You

Posted on Mon, Jan. 08, 2018 at 10:53 am

BIL and SIl talked of moving out of state and taking Mil with them. When I heard of this plan it was fun imagining what life would be like without dreading obligatory visits with MIL who would turn her head away pretending not to listen to anything I had to share if it involved my happiness, accomplishment, my side of the family visits or successes. I dreaded her comments about her golden boy BIL and obvious attempts to make me jealous by telling me all her other DIL does for her. When we would visit and BIl was there it was even worse. He never spoke to me but would make comments in the air about people of my nationality all obviously meant to insult me. Then there were the lies they spread to their extended family all based on half truths, and twisted versions of my motives. At a couple of events BIL completely ignored DH and I or introducing us but introduced a friend as his "sister" while standing right next to us. Every and all things that smacked of MIL not being given the caring and attention she felt she deserved, was blamed on me. She even blamed our adult son's not returning her calls to her, on ME, and told everyone I was trying to undermine their relationship when in actuality he had just been working a lot of overtime. In the meantime golden BL and "saint SIL" jumped to her every wish while BIL encouraged, and suggested and added more lies about DH and I. This is just the very tip of the iceberg. There was so much hurt by them it would take a book to mention it all such as my fave-- MIL trying to block all flowers we sent to their family's funerals. It just gets sicker so will spare you the weirdness.
Well they never moved out of state, out of the country or out of town. But they did move out of the world recently. In fact within a few months of each other... no I didn't dance on their graves. I did what I always do. Pretend all was well. The only thing I culdnt do was force out a tear.

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