I Hate My Inlaws!

Inlaws Obsessed with Sis In Law to Have Kids

Posted on Sun, Feb. 11, 2018 at 06:35 pm

My inlaws are from a small town, and to say they've had an easy life is putting it MILDLY. Since they're Baby Boomers, everything was given to them gift wrapped- FIL got a great job at a plant nearby and MIL basically chilled hard with a few 'does that actually count as a job?' roles. No commuting, low house prices, basically the life I wish I would be able to give my kid. Even though at my age I'm making more than they ever did, the way things are set up now we're stuck in the 'burbs due to ridiculous house prices and face a daily commute that makes the chase scene from "Mad Max Fury Road" look like a pleasant picnic at the park!
Anyway, my wife is a self-driven, problem-solving saint who never asks for anything, but my Sis-IL is a hipstery, opinionated loser who can't find stable employment because she clashes with authority and can't take direction since her way is always best. She's somehow managed to fall ass-backwards into living with a good guy with a good job who fully pays her way and thus allows her to comment insufferably about fine wine and expensive restaurants, which in a normal universe would be off-limits to the stubborn little annoyance.
Now, for some reason, Sis-IL is the favored child and my inlaws are obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED, with her having babies. So much so that they often just take my son out of my hands and pass to SIL, without asking. Almost like they're training her, or subtly pushing her in their passive-aggressive way. Just today I was giving my boy his morning bottle and big ol' MIL waddled over and grabbed him with those Johnsonville Brat fingers and passed him off! My Inlaws are also always commenting about how 'great Aunty Sis-IL' is with my boy. It drives me batty, I've never really been a petty guy but I've also never to deal with these knuckleheads and their odd, off-putting and disrespectful behavior.

Anyway, I'm tired of their small town nonsense, their lack of respect for a hard working son in law who wants to spend time with his boy, and their cirrhotic, "I'm 60 but look 78" friends who all have lame nicknames always coming around and upsetting my son with their foul-smelling Old Vienna breath and big-bird-yellow smoker's teeth. I will not be going out of my way to help these jokers, and will no longer be giving them the benefit of the doubt on anything. End of story

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