I Hate My Inlaws!

How Low Could You Be MIL?

Posted on Mon, Feb. 12, 2018 at 09:32 am

I hate talking to my MIL on the phone. I was playing with my daughter in her play room. The phone rang that dreadful ring and it was her :( I said hello and she said what are you doing honey? With her fake ass self. OMG it pisses me off!! Well, we were having a usual boring and awkward conversation. Her dog was whining and wanting in the other room. She then hollers at her dog using my sons name,(her step grandchild) instead of the dogs name. She also did the exact same thing a few days before, which I ignored. She intentionally called her dog my sons name. Since she's done it twice. I called her out on it. I said, what did you just say? She replied oh nothing. I said I heard you call your dog my sons name. She then denied it. I then told her, yes you did. Don't call your dog my sons name. My son isn't a dog. I told her she's wrong for doing that and that's the second time you've done that. Your dogs name has two syllables and my sons name has three. Yes you did do it. As I went to get off the phone with her evil ass, I told her I'm gonna let you go. Then in a fake ass voice she says, OK honey, have a really nice day. OMG I could have taken her life!!!! Then she obsessively calls me the rest of the day. I am still ignoring her. That woman is pure evil. What a bitch.

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