I Hate My Inlaws!

Mothers day

Posted on Sat, Mar. 10, 2018 at 04:35 am

Every year that I have been with dh his father will send a don't forget its mother's day text the day before, and remind him to get mil something, we have two children and one on the way my dh is fully aware it's mother's day because it's my bloody day. Some people may disagree with me here but I feel like when a man has a family with a woman, mothers day is about his wife and children, not to say his mum shouldn't get a card or text or acknowledgement (even though she's a terrible meddling selfish woman) but I find it ridiculous that if he hasn't sent a text by noon his father will keep texting guilt tripping him into it. This happens on father day too, last year his father didn't receive a text first thing so he sent a passive aggressive message about how it must not of gone through to his phone yet and knows dh wouldn't forget about him. This irritates me so much when I become a grandparent i and dh won't expect our children to jump through hoops on md or fd we will want our children to enjoy being showered in love by their partners and children, and if I am forgotten about I won't be guilt tripping my children I will assume they had that good of a day it slipped their minds, you don't have children so they can acknowledge all you did for them, you made them, they owe you nothing and seeing them happy and healthy is all I will ever hope from them.

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